“Ebenezer! Thus far the Lord has brought us” 1 Samuel 7:12. Just as the prophet Samuel laid the Ebenezer stone in thanksgiving to God, Sister2Sister is saying “Thank you Lord for all You blessed us to achieve in 2018.”

Ø Our theme for the year was “2018 year of impact” We thank God that indeed Sister2Sister had a lot of impact in 2018. I am going to highlight some of the things we achieved in 2018

Ø We resuscitated and greatly improved our website; In addition to being very informative about Sister2Sister activities in different parts of the world, it is also interactive. Please be sure to register on the Sister2Sister Connection page. Our interactive pages are only open to registered members. There is also a Support page, you can donate to the various Sister2Sister Chapters in different countries at any time. There is also a shop button, currently we are selling Sister2Sister T-shirts on special, no shipping and handling costs!!! The website has a calendar which shows the proposed meetings for 2019 in all the Countries

Ø We opened a Sister2Sister Chapter in Ft Lauderdale Florida. We had a well-attended conference in May. We are back in Florida on May 25, 2019.

Ø We had our first 2-day Conference in the Bay Area. The Lord really Blessed us. We started on Friday night with what we called “Friday Prayer Night” This was a Powerful Night! Our Own Mother G (Dorothy Daniels) gave us an insight into Prayer. We then got into two’s, Pastors and Leaders pairing with Sisters (Sister2Sister) and praying for them. Awesome atmosphere.  On the Saturday in addition to powerful teaching we had Dr Sarah Brill give us a presentation on Women and Health. The many questions asked afterwards was testimony that this is needed. Therefore in 2019 we are going to have a full-blown Medical Fair. Dr Brill will come with nurses and gadgets needed for the practical side of the fair. There will be pre-registration because preparations will be based on exact numbers coming.

Ø In Harare, Zimbabwe we started a Sister2Sister Pastors forum. The Pastors and Pastors’ wives said they needed a “safe place” where they can open up during Sister2Sister Connection. We had our first meeting in a homely atmosphere (at our house in Zimbabwe) This was the most impactful meeting I have ever attended. Pastors freely opened up and there was freedom. The Pastors forum continues in Zimbabwe in 2019 and I believe we will also start such forums in other areas

Ø I was blessed to write an article on Sister2Sister in the Small Business Concierge, Silicon Valley Edition, Fall 2018. You can check the magazine on the website. My article is on page 50.

Ø We started Impact Friday in Harare. This is interviews with Sisters who are making an Impact. See website Impact Corner page. 

Ø In Malawi we managed to buy Bibles in the local language for Sisters who could not afford Bibles. This was from donations from Sister2Sister Zimbabwe.

Ø We had powerful conferences in South Africa, Malawi and the following Zimbabwe cities Harare, Kadoma and Goromonzi. See details of all the conferences on the website. Please use the calendar on the website to see when the 2019 conferences are in other countries and plan to go ahead of time. Remember we are an International Movement!


In 2019 we are taking Sister2Sister to a higher level. Remember our Vision is to positively impact a Sister and impact the world. We want to be able to interact with Sisters at any time they need instead of waiting for meetings and/or conferences. We are also going to be intiating programs that we believe will positively impact Sisters

To achieve this, we have, among other things, done the following

Ø Designed the website in such a way that registered members will be able to make requests which will attended to. Make comments or even submit articles to be posted on the website.
We will also use the website to disseminate information as often as we need to. So it is important that you register on the Sister Connection page of the Website 

Ø We now have our own place called “Sister2Sister Resource Centre” This will be composed of office and meeting room. Sisters will be able to come just by making appointments. We will provide amongst other things

1.     Counselling and Prayers
2.     Life Coaching
3.     Career advice
4.     Information about other Sister Countries for business or vacation
5.     When available distribute food and clothing
6.     Provide any other skills as requested

The list is limitless. There will be Sisters who will help with the above or any other requests from Sisters

We now have a Sister2Sister free Prayer Line. Sisters can join Prayer by calling (605) 468 -8782 and then at the prompt enter access code 938540. Our first Prayer call will be on Friday, December 21, 2018. Please Sisters join us in Prayer.

I am excited as I look forward to 2019. describes a miracle as “an effect or extraordinary event in the physical world that surpasses all known human or natural powers and is ascribed to a supernatural cause”

I am trusting God for miracles for every Sister in 2019. The scripture that God is giving us is “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard neither has entered into the heart of man, the things which God has prepared for them who love Him” 1 Corinthians 2:9

Our theme for next year is “2019 Season of Miracles”

Happy Christmas and Blessed, Prosperous New Year

I love you. I need you to survive


Pastor Susan Chigwada