Our Bay Area Sister2Sister last event of 2019 was the High Tea at the Exotic Golden Tea Garden in Hayward
I want to start by apologizing to those Sisters we turned down because all the seats reserved for us had been taken.
Next time we will book early so we get enough seats.

Our Sisters Alta and Lydia were the organizers of the event. We discovered the theme was Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer when
Alta brought us all the Rudolph Antlers to wear (see photos) and led us into singing Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer song, that was fun!

On the Sister2Sister front we exchanged gifts from the Dollar Store (because it’s not in the value of the gift)
This is based on the Sister2Sister theme of having a positive impact on each other. As we exchanged the gifts two Sisters took turns to go to the front,
before exchanging gifts, they said words to each other, hugged and exchanged gifts. This was a special time in which we expressed love and commitment
to one another and Sisters got to know each other.

Next was our Sister2Sister song, we made sure every Sister hugged every other Sister. Because there were other patrons, we did not sing but we said
words to one another as we hugged.

We were also blessed to have some Sisters join us for the first time.

It was a beautiful time of Sisterhood having scrumptious food in an exotic ambience
You can view all the photos on www.sis2sis.org

Sister2Sister wishes you a Happy Holiday Season and a Blessed 2020

Pastor Susan