Kadoma Flyer

16 March was the day, Kadoma was the place to be. The sisters managed to gather despite the cyclone Idai threats, despite the wet weather.
The thirsty souls gathered to be nourished by the word.



Praise and worship

The praise and worship team was led by Pastor Mukarati, with her booming voice which echoed the streets of Kadoma. The Davidic dance anointing was upon the ladies they danced amid jubilation and ululation and surely the Spirit of God was in Control.

Declaration of season of miracles

First to take to the podium to share the word was Prophetess Mwela, our tried and tested cadre who has been an inspiration to us over the years. She gave a prophetic word about God raising an army of women who will devote themselves to prayer that changes the world. She spoke with eloquence and authority as well as Spiritual profundity.
She implored the sisters to take up an hour of prayer every day in line with the word. The season of miracles was declared in style. The director of Ceremony Bishop Rudo Benson quoted a prayer from the visionary and founder of Sister2sister Rev Dr. S. Chigwada. In her prayer Rev Dr. Quoted a verse from Acts 17:6 “Those that turned the world up-side down are here also…….." This prayer was like a fire in the bones of the sisters.

Vision Casting

Our own Legend, a beneficiary of God’s practical Miracles, Pastor Nyorovai, did the vision casting lest we deviate from the vision and mission of sister2sister. She explained how the movement whose vision is to impact the world moulds women to be forces to reckon with through impacting one another and teachings from the Bible. She quoted from Exodus 1:19-20. “Because the Hebrew Women are not like the Egyptian women, for they are lively and give birth before the midwife comes to them” Yours truly could feel a wave of Hebraic excellence in the place.
Pastor Fisher who collected the offering also explained how we should give our time and resources to God. She called on the sisters to love God with their hearts, minds, time and resources.


Word of encouragement

Ever wondered why three sisters in the same predicament can see things differently? Our Very own Pastor cum international Director of sister2sister Pastor Judie, Gave a thrilling account of  “Seeing things differently” she passionately explained how Naomi saw herself beyond redemption, how Oppah viewed herself as having escaped a catastrophe, while Ruth saw beyond the human eye and strategically positioned herself for Boaz. She articulately explained how God, who is a God of order wants us to be in line with His word and keep focusing on Him. Pastor Judie, who spoke with a voice of authority, also narrated how the woman with an issue of blood breached the laws of the land, overlooked her condition and purposed in her heart in faith that if only she could touch the hem of Jesus garment, her healing would be instant. With the crowd around Jesus, and the odds against her, she surely had to gather up her wits and to strategically position herself for healing. Jesus recognized the touch of faith and unlike others who addressed her according to her predicament, “the woman with an issue of blood” Jesus called her Daughter!!!!!

When we look back, surely 16 March 2019 will be a day to remember, The Ides of March with much difference.


From The International Director’s Desk

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