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Hello Sister!
We thank God for bringing us into 2020

2020 is the beginning of a New Decade.
This is the year that is opening doors
 into the New Decade.
Our theme for Sister2Sister is “2020 Season of Open Doors
“I will go before you and level the mountains (to make the crooked places straight);
I will break in pieces the doors of bronze and cut asunder the bars of iron” Isaiah 45 vs 2

The doors which you have tried to go through and were previously shut will be open in this season
God Himself will go before you.
It will not be by might nor by power but by His Spirit if you surrender yourself to Him.
He will remove all previous hindrances.
He will “level the mountains (to make the crooked places straight)”
God will deal with your mountains
and your crooked places so that you will be empowered
to go through the doors when they open.
Nothing will
withstand you going through your doors.
God will “break in pieces the doors of bronze.” Bronze is a hard metal.
History records a period in which bronze was the hardest metal used which is known as the Bronze Ages.
What is before you can look and feel like a hard metal, but God will break it into pieces.
Doors are usually held by strong bars of iron so that they don’t fall.
Iron Bars represent strongholds in your life.

God says He is cutting these asunder that means removing them from your life.
Don’t allow the enemy to stop you
 from going through the doors
by reminding you of past or likely failures, these strongholds have been cut asunder.

Just like natural automatic doors they only open when you get close enough to the door to go through.
You also need
to have the courage to present yourself close to the door you are to go through.
If you are far from it, the door will not open.

So, what door does God what you to go through?
Present yourself before it and it will open.
When the door has opened remember
 a Sister.
There is a Sister who is waiting for a positive impact from you now that you have gone through.

There is a Sister who is waiting to go through the door with you.

Pastor Susan

Do you believe that God has a purpose assigned to your life?
Do you want to impact the world?
Do you need a platform to help you achieve your goals?
Do you need a sister to go there with you?

Sister2Sister is a global women's movement that believes in
supporting, developing, and encouraging the purpose God placed in a woman's life.
Religious debate aside, are you able to answer the above questions as it pertains to your life.



Sister2Sister is a non-denominational, International Movement of Christian Women
who will positively Impact each other and Impact the World.

At Sister2Sister we come together as women from all walks of life
and from all corners of the world,

working together to advance God-given visions to impact the world.

You come with your God-given vision and together we bring that vision to life.  


Pastor Susan

Pastor Susan, Founder and President



The World of Sister2Sister

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Greetings from the Sisters in Centurion South Africa. Part of the African Sisterhood.


Pastor Judie in Sisterhood collecting water in Blantyre, Malawi.


Pastor Susan receiving prophecy at Sister2Sister Harare, Zimbabwe.


The Sisters of Goromonzi want to say greetings to our Sisters. God bless you all.


From the shores of Lake Kariba, in the beautiful land of  Zimbabwe. We love you Sisters.


Sisters we had an impact in Kadoma thank you. Powerful life charging word wow!

Union City

Sister2Sister 2018 Healing & Deliverance Meeting. A great success! Union City California


Sisters, join us in welcoming the launch of Sister2sister Ft Lauderdale Florida


We thank God for our very first Sister2Sister Conference in Fremont, Bay Area, California